30+ Publications in Conference Proceedings or Scientific Journals


Morais, C., Gomes, D., Valério, M. (2014). Participated Social Intervention in Social Determinants of Health Promotion. Humanities and Social Sciences Review, 3(3) pp. 317-323.

Valerio, M. Â. (2009). The Supervised Injection Facilities and its Impact in the Fear of Crime. In Proceedings of the Ist ENSACT Joint European Conference – Social Work in Action: Different Legacies & Challenges Common? Croatia: Dubrovnic.

Valerio, M. Â. (2008). Readability as an Instrument for the Applicability of Social Policy in Portugal. [CD]. Proceedings of the XIX World Conference of Social Work. Brazil: Salvador, Bahia.

65+ Oral Communications or Posters in Scientific Conferences


Valerio, M. (2023, May). Practice Implications of the Supported Accommodation Regulations. Oral Communication presented at Supported Accommodation Providers Forum. Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Valerio, M, (2019, May) Supporting the Transition into the Community of Care Leavers. Oral Communication presented at International Knowledge Exchange Symposium on Leaving Care. Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Morais, C., Gomes, D. & Valério, M. (2014, April). A Methodology for a Supra-Municipality Integrated Social Planning: A Bottom-Up Pathway. Communication presented at Vienna 2014: International Conference for Academic Disciplines. Austria: Vienna.

Cabral, A., Lemos, F., Lousã, M., Monteiro, J., Rodrigues, A., Silva, P., Valerio, M. (2008, November). Assessing quality throught the graduates’ academic and professional trajectories: case study in a private, mainly student-worker institution. Communication presented at International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation (ICERI) (Spain: Madrid.

Organization of Scientific Events


  • {April 2013} The 1st Global Virtual Conference
  • [June 2011] International Congress on Cities, Cultures and Sociability (Porto)

Participation in Scientific Journals


  • [2011 to 2012] Vice Director and Director of the Portuguese Journal “Research and Debate – Social Work”

Awards and Honors


  • [2014] Award “Foundation António de Almeida”
  • [2013] Best Poster at the VII National Symposium on Challenges of Professional Social Workers
  • [2001] First Prize for Scientific Merit Panel “Young Students / Young Researchers” V Meeting of Alcohology of the District of Bragança / XI Jornadas Transmontanas of Alcoholism