[107.17] 1st new years resolution

I know it is a little to early for this, but it’s true. This morning I promised something to myself.

Back to 1990, I was awake until after 6am to see something very important. After around 10 minutes I went to bed, sad, disappointed and annoyed.

Last night the same thing happen… Awake until after 6am, and after 10 minutes I went to bed, again, sad, disappointed and annoyed, with what happened.

Who knows me, also knows I love motorsports and since kid I’m a Ferrari fan.

In 1990, shortly after 6am, and in the first corner of the Japanese GP, Senna and Prost colide, and Prost (in a Ferrari) lost the world championship.

Last night, shortly after 6am, and since the first meters of the Japanese GP, Vettel (in a Ferrari) started losing any chance he could still have to be (and brink back the crown to Ferrari) world champion.

So, and from now on (and this is my new years resolution), and at least until they stop racing at Suzuka and go back to Fuji…

I will never watch a Japanese F1 GP again.

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