[038.18] F1 history…

Ferrari and Monza. That’s one of those moments when no one else could write a script better than it happened.

The most historic team, in their home race (just a few miles from their headquarters in Maranello) and the most historic race track (“the temple of speed”) in Formula 1…

The surprise was the name, but I’m so glad that this surprise happened.

Hamilton goes faster than ever, a couple of seconds after, Vettel does even better, and the Tifosi go mad with a Ferrari in the pole. But Kimi is just a few meters behind and goes even faster… He gets pole in the 2018 GP and it was a front-row lock-out for the “Scuderia”.

Besides that, it was just the fastest lap EVER in Formula 1, at an average of 163.785 mph (263.587 km/h). Yes… average…

And this could only end with a Kimi-style celebration 🙂

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