[017.19] relationships and 2nd opportunities

No… this is not supposed to be a new section of my website, neither I want to be the next “Dear Deidre” and “solve” personal and love problems here.

It is about a fairly new TV series on Amazon (New Amsterdam) and a recent article published in CommunityCare by John Radoux (that you can follow here on Twitter and on his website). It is about relationship-based practice and the need of allowing mistakes and “give” second opportunities (and third… or fourth… or,,,) to children and young people in care.

The article from John Radoux share some thoughts with which I can’t agree more. The need to “create” a counter-narrative where Children’s Homes exist to allow children to have people in which they can trust, people that “exist” to support then.

Homes, and not placements, from where children are not evicted just because they have a difficult or challenging behaviour.

Homes, and not placements, where children and young people are loved, cared about and where they are supported to understand and change their behaviours.

Homes, and not placements, where they found people that can be trusted by those children and young people.

And that’s exactly what “New Amsterdam” is all about.

It is not a home and it is not social care, but it is about a hospital where management and staff care about the patients, where decisions are made to support who requires care. A “service” where who needs to be there know that management and staff cares about them and will always put their interest above any other interests.

Just the way, children’s homes, social care and social work is supposed to be.

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