[003.22] practice guidelines for children’s social care

The last few days have been very interesting in regards to publications with guidelines or practice guidance for everyone that works with children or young people. These documents cover areas as LGBTQ+, sexual abuse or asylum-seeking.

Supporting LGBTQ+ Young People
Research in Practice has published a briefing document to help build basic knowledge and understanding, and encourage reflection around supporting LGBTQ+ young people. There are references and links to resources to support conversations with practitioners, foster carers and others. By sharing messages from research, including what LGBTQ+ young people want from professionals and services, it is hoped it can contribute to more inclusive support to all children and young people.

The document is available here.

Stages of a Young Person’s Asylum Journey
Right to Remain has created an interactive young person’s guide to the asylum process with details of the process and with ‘problem cards’ which cover lots of the key worries young people have and possible actions they can take. It is a very useful resource for all staff working with children and young people that are seeking asylum.

The interaction guide is available on this webpage.

Communication with children victims of Sexual Abuse
The Centre of Expertise on Child Sexual Abuse has published a practice guidance to help give professionals the knowledge and confidence to act when a child or young person is able to share with us that they are being victims of abuse and to knows how to recognise what is happening and understands how to help the child to have that conversation,

The guide is accessible here.

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