[006.23] Supported Accommodation Providers Forum

I had the privilege of organizing (through FEVACA’s initiative) a forum and spending the day with numerous providers of Supported Accommodation. It was truly inspiring to witness the collective interest and dedication we all share in learning and committing ourselves to the development of high-quality services and provisions.

The forum comprised a series of engaging presentations, including my own (fingers crossed!!!), where we discussed the current state of affairs and the impact of the new regulatory framework on the sector. We also had the invaluable opportunity to have our questions answered by representatives from Ofsted and the DfE, as well as to learn from other agencies with whom we collaborate.

While there is still progress to be made, it is incredibly motivating to see the genuine interest and commitment to maintaining, creating, and improving services that meet the needs of the young people we work with. These services demonstrate the true impact that quality caring support can have on the lives of these individuals.

Undoubtedly, there are challenges ahead, which emphasize the importance of providers coming together, continuing on the path of improvement, and ensuring we have a united voice.

Regarding my presentation, I had the opportunity to share my thoughts about the impact that the new regulations will have on our practice, as well as some thoughts regarding what is allowed and not allowed within the regulations including, and opposite to what I keep reading, the fact that we “can” care for the young people we work with.

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