[005.19] New Season…

And it all starts tomorrow again… F1 is back for more emotions, speed, crashes. Hopefully, and apologies to my British friends, with a different winner… This year without Kimi, but with Vettel and the one that will be one of the greatest of all times 🙂 I know he’s new, and with so much toContinue reading “[005.19] New Season…”

[002.19] #KeepFightingMichael

Anyone who knows me or follows this blog know how much I like Motorsports. For those that share this same interest, Michael Schumacher will be someone that will provoke very distinctive feelings, due to his career and the fights that he had on track with so many racers. For me, as a Cavallino Rampante‘s tifosi,Continue reading “[002.19] #KeepFightingMichael”