[005.22] I know that you are afraid. I will do my very best to make sure you are safe

At the end of last week, we woke up with the news of war in Europe. I’m not going to discuss the responsibilities and the actions that led to this war (I will leave that for other posts – and twitter…), but it is expected that in the next days and weeks we will have more and more news about a war that is not that far from us.

[058.18] Building practice supervision in learning organisations: Partnership Conference

The conference will include sessions on: initiatives exploring how to make better use of supervision as an opportunity for organisational and individual learning; the development and early roll out of the Practice Supervisor Development Programme; local approaches to supervision and transferable learning; how families and young people can be involved in supervision.

[049.18] Fall 2018 issue of The New Social Worker

Highlights include practicing social work across three levels, suicide risk in schools, collegiate recovery programs, following up after the job interview, how to navigate a job promotion, sitting with difficult emotions, book reviews, and more! Download the Fall 2018 issue now!