[001.22] too much, too soon

All over the news today is the intention from the UK government to end all COVID related restrictions in England later this week, motivated by the need for all of us to learn how to live with the virus, like we learned in the past to live with viruses like the flu. This will include even the end of isolation for any person with symptoms and infected by the virus.

However, I do believe that we are taking steps that are bigger than the ones our legs allow us to. The numbers are still too high to take a measure like this one. Just yesterday, in England, there were more than 23 thousand new cases and 69 people that died due to COVID. If these measures go ahead, we will not be prepared to deal with any other variant that might appear, how knows much stronger than the last ones we had to face.

Even without any new variant, this will create innumerous challenges for the NHS and for any company that will have to face its employees being off work due to COVID.

Looking to the recent past, and to the impact that this pandemic had in my area of work (social care) with the huge number of staff members that had to be off work due to COVID, despite the protective measures in place, I can only imagine the strong impact that the end of the restrictions and, expected, increase in cases, will have in fundamental areas of our society.

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