[006.22] Is OFSTED fit for purpose?

OFSTED is struggling with the lack of (experienced) inspectors, facing a situation where inspectors are leaving to other organizations and some due to their age. To make things worse, we are now expecting the minimum standards for supported accommodation, meaning that the number of inspectors needed will increase even more. I also believe that the current inspection framework is outdated and should be restructured together with the necessary changes to accommodate the new supported accommodation provisions and the changes that will potentially arise from the Children’s Social Care Review.

[001.22] too much, too soon

All over the news today is the intention from the UK government to end all COVID related restrictions in England later this week, motivated by the need for all of us to learn how to live with the virus, like we learned in the past to live with viruses like the flu. This will includeContinue reading “[001.22] too much, too soon”

[013.21] Do we really need an independent visitor in children’s homes?

According to the Children’s Homes regulations, each setting needs to hire a person, independent, to visit the home monthly and produce a report where an assessment of the current situation is made, giving recommendations of what should be changed. This report is then, after receiving comments from the Registered Manager and Responsible Individual sent toContinue reading “[013.21] Do we really need an independent visitor in children’s homes?”