[014.19] Madonna * La Isla Bonita

6 years ago, on this day, I was leaving São Miguel in Azores, for a non-stop weekend. While in the island, and besides all the craziness of the flight there, I had the opportunity to go for a day road trip around the island, having the opportunity to see some of the most amazing viewsContinue reading “[014.19] Madonna * La Isla Bonita”

[026.18] social work tube

Besides being “my place”, where I can share some thoughts, some personals things, I always wanted this blog to be a place where I can share things that I believe to be relevant for my profession, for social work. Nowadays, we can find videos and videos extremely relevant for social work, and for that reason,Continue reading “[026.18] social work tube”

[025.18] last week on twitter (iv)

At Manchester for the #WorkCareTogether. But first… Coffee 🙂 pic.twitter.com/Wb43N1sb5m — Miguel Valério 🇪🇺🇵🇹🇬🇧🇺🇦 🌻 (@mafmv) June 11, 2018 The #socialworkSHARE model seems very interesting. A model to be used as a framework for all #socialwork practice, that will give you consistency in your intervention and where you can incorporate other models/theories that would beContinue reading “[025.18] last week on twitter (iv)”

[023.18] #WorkCareTogether Conference

Last Monday I had the opportunity to attend the “Work and Care Together” event that was held in Manchester. Was a very interesting conference, addressing very important topics and with lots of new information. During the conference, I posted a few bits on Twitter and, despite other comments about some topics that I soon willContinue reading “[023.18] #WorkCareTogether Conference”

[022.18] last week on twitter (ii)

I'm really sorry, but this logic of "if we force them, thy will engage positively" is something that i can't understand… https://t.co/uQhqbBjj2o — Miguel Valério 🇪🇺🇵🇹🇬🇧🇺🇦 🌻 (@mafmv) June 5, 2018 Lembram-se daquela história dum pai, todo orgulhoso durante 1 desfile militar, porque o filho era o único com o passo certo? Deve ser maisContinue reading “[022.18] last week on twitter (ii)”